About Us

A Dream

All Carly Fredericks could dream for her baby at that very moment she was told she couldn’t hear was that she would have a voice in the world. Regardless of her mode of communication she would be “heard”. She would thrive as an active member of society and accomplish everything her little heart set out to do. Little did she know, Ava, would do more than that. She would be on a path to share her story and be part of a larger mission to support children and families across the world.

A Connection

When Pam, her husband and her two boys with Usher syndrome relocated to the USA from Canada,they didn’t know the silver lining that would shine through on one of the biggest moves of their life. Advocating was always their priority and making connections with other families was what they always yearned for. Once this dynamic duo of moms connected, their visions aligned. They wanted to share their experiences and more importantly provide opportunities for all USH families to have the beautiful friendships their families built.