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Educational Resources

Below are great links with educational information for families and professionals.

Advocating as a Family

Finding Balance

Cochlear Journey

The Poetry of the Parent/Professional Relationship

Mark's Moments
TV Show

Meet Ava as She Transitions To A New School District

Ava's Featured Portrait

To Us,
She's Just Ava

Importance of Collaboration in the Educational System

Ava iCanConnect Featured Story

About Ava

Behind a
Closed Door

2017 National Webinar: Educational Considerations for Students with Usher Syndrome

2017 National Webinar: Starting a National Dialogue on Finding Children with Usher Syndrome

2018 National Webinar: iCanConnect - The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program

NFADB Podcast Featuring Carly Fredericks

Deaf-Blind Projects

We would also encourage you to connect with your state Deaf-Blind projects for free technical assistance and local resources.