Presented by Ava’s Voice • 2020 USH Connections Virtual Conference

Youth with Usher syndrome, generationally defined as Gen Z or iGen, are known as cloud natives rather than digital natives. Their world is “iEverything,” with a lowercase “i.” Through the world of technology, information is at their fingertips and most friendships start at the download of an app. While we are grateful for the technology that is available, children yearn for the opportunity to meet others like themselves in person. USHangouts is an opportunity for youth with Usher syndrome (birth-17years) to make face-to-face connections with their peers at the annual USH Connections Conference. There are programs designed specifically for three age groups, and counselor opportunities are available for adults with Usher syndrome (ages 18-21)

USHangouts 2020 Recap

2020 USHangouts Virtual RECAP

USH Moms, Carly Fredericks & Pamela Aasen, share their experience in an open discussion about their children's journey. You also hear from the teens themselves.

Orange crUSH

Make a cocktail with the host
Non-alcoholic version available
Orange crUSH
Ingredients Needed
Suggested liquor: Stoli Orange or White Rum
Mixer: Pineapple Coconut Club Soda, 7UP or Flavored Club Soda of Choice
Garnish: Fresh Orange

USHthis Strength Coach

Rebecca Alexander, USHthis Strength Coach, pops in to inspire our youth and answer their burning questions. She shares her wisdom and experience with our mentors and provides a safe environment for USHkids and their siblings to talk openly in an Usher friendly environment.

DIY Self Advocacy Activities, Tips & Tricks

Ava, Ethan and Gavin share two activities they like to use when educating their peers and school communities.

USHteen Panel

This is an opportunity to ask Ava, Ethan and Gavin questions you may have or on behalf of your children. They take pride in sharing their stories and are open to any question you may have!


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